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Presentation of the members of IMO

Here is a small presentation of the 7 countries who have joined IMO so far. Some other countries are on the waiting list to potentially join the International Mölkky Organisation.

- Czech Republic: The country joined IMO at the creation (in 2016). There are a few associations over the country. Czech Republic has organised the World Championship in 2017 in Rakvonik and the European Championship in 2018 in Zruc nad Sazavou.

National tournament happens every year in beginning of September, teams of 3 players

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- Estonia: The country joined IMO at the creation also. It is mainly played in Tallinn and in Hiiumaa island. Estonia has organised all Indoor European Championship so far and it will happen again in March 2019.

National Championship happens on first weekend of September usually in Tallinn, team of 2 players


- Finland: The country has joined IMO at the creation. It has organised many World Championship so far and is the country where Mölkky was created and also has the most players who have won the World Championships

National Tournaments:

Indoor Double Tournament (February, Lahti)

Double Tournament (May, Kotka in 2019)

Single Tournament (June, Mahlu)

Triple Tournament (July, Hollolla)

Quadruple Tournament (August, Hyvinkää)

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- France: The country has joined IMO at the creation. France has organised the first World Championship outside of Lahti, Finland in 2016 (Le Rheu). France organised usually one of the biggest national tournaments eveyr year where up to 500 teams can fight (Number depends on the year and the organizers abilities). France will also organise the World Championship in 2019 in Samoëns.

National Tournament: In 2019, Open de France will be in le Poiré Sur Vie (Vendée), 4th and 5th May 2019. Team of 2 players

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- Germany: Country has joined IMO at the creation. Germany organizes a great national tournament with beautiful fields and a lot of games for everyone. In 2019, the national tournament will happen at the same time as the local beer festival and is limited to 80 teams.

National Tournament: 15-16th June 2019 in Erlangen, Team of 4 players


- Japan: Japan was and is up to today, the only non european country who has joined IMO. They have joined at the creation of IMO in 2016. Every year Japan has sent a few teams to the World Championship and they have also organised Asian Championship in Tokyo.

National Tournament: Usually in Tokyo, the first weekend of October. Team of 2 or 3 players


- Turkey: Turkey is the new welcomed country inside IMO. They joined in August 2018 and have had a growing Mölkky community, joining a lot of the different tournaments abroad.

National Tournament: 27-28th April 2019 in Istanbul, team of 2 players

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