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They joined in December 2023.

Since the organisation of the Australian Championship in 2021, we have grown year on year – from over 140 players in 2021 to over 250 players in 2023. So far all the work has been completed in Australia’s largest city, Sydney, but we want to expand and run tournaments in other
cities across the country.



They joined in November 2020.

AUSTRIA - country of mountains and the famous exploding trees. The first Mölkky tournament ever played in Austria was the "Alps Cup" in Innsbruck.
Nowadays the 12 skittles are mostly played in the flatlands, in the capital Vienna and the vice capital Graz - indoors and outdoors, with passion and a high level of Austrian Gemütlichkeit ("good cheer").



It is with the greatest pleasure that we formed the Belgian Mölkky Federation on July 1st 2023.
The founding members and the Belgian Mölkky Federation thank you very much for their acceptance into the great international family of discipline.
A small country with only around sixty federated members, but so large by the quality of its players, brave and valiant as Caesar already said,
you can count on us for epic clashes and merciless duels during the frenzied games of Mölkky.
Our accent is also legendary with our famous Wuit (8, eight) often mocked by adorable French adversaries, but that's Belgian eh my guy and proud of it!
Long live Mölkky!


Czech Republic

The country joined the IMO at the founding (in 2016). There are several associations throughout the country. The Czech Republic has organised the World Championship 2017 in Rakvonik and the European Championship 2018 in Zruč nad Sázavou.

The national tournament takes place every year at the beginning of September with teams of 3 players.



The country also joined the IMO at the founding. Mölkky is played mainly in Tallinn and on the island of Hiiumaa. Estonia has organised all European Indoor Championships so far.

The national championship usually takes place on the first weekend of September in Tallinn with teams of 2 players.



The country joined the IMO at the founding. Mölkky was developed in Finland years ago but has been a great success in the last 10 years. Nowadays we have active associations in several areas and Finnish Championships regularly gather over 100 teams/players. Also active series of Mölkky are played throughout the country. Finland has already organised many World Championships  and also has the most players who have won the World Championships.

There are several national tournaments:
Single, Double (outdoor & indoor), Triple and Quadruple Tournaments



The country has joined the IMO at the founding. In France, 83 clubs play Mölkky, of which 58 are official associations. FFMö has 38 membership associations (2017). France has organised the first World Championship outside of Lahti, Finland in 2016 (Le Rheu). Each year, France organises one of the largest national tournaments, which can be attended by up to 500 teams (number depends on the year and the abilities of the organiser). France will also organise the World Championship in 2019 in Samoëns.
The national championship usually takes place in May with teams of 2 players.



The country has joined the IMO at the founding. In 2017 the 10th edition of the German Mölkky Championship took place in Erlangen.

The national championship (DMM) usually takes place in mid-June with teams of 4 players.


Great Britain

Great Britain joined the IMO in November 2023.

The first UK Championships were organised in 2019 in Nottingham, with the GB Mölkky Federation taking over the organisation for the 2023 edition onwards. The UK Championships have now found their permanent home in Seaton, Devon, taking place in May each year.



Greece, the country of origin of the Olympic games, has only recently met Mölkky, but it has fallen in love with it!

Mölkky is rapidly expanding throughout the country and Greek teams are now ready to participate in international events!
Greece became a member of the IMO
in November 2020.


Hong Kong

The country has joined the IMO in March 2019, becoming the second non-European member.



Japan was and still is the only non-European country that has joined the IMO. They have participated in the founding of IMO 2016. Each year, Japan has sent a few teams to the World Championship and they have also organised an Asian Championship in Tokyo.

The national championship usually takes place on the first weekend of October in Tokyo with teams of 2 or 3 players.



Nepal joined IMO in February 2021.



Poland has joined IMO in 2022. National championships have been organized since 2018 and are usually held in August or September (singles and doubles). In 2021, the popular Grand Prix of Poland series was added to the Polish Mölkky calendar.



Spain has been a member since January 2019.

The national association was founded in 2016 and the national championships (Campeonato de España de Mölkky) take place since 2012. In addition to many other competitions, they are organising the "Mölkky International Championship Playing in Family" for the first time (2019).



Turkey is the new welcomed country inside IMO. They joined in August 2018 and have a growing Mölkky community, joining a lot of the different tournaments abroad.



... They joined in August 2019 ...

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