Frequently Asked Questions


Do we have to apply the I.M.O. Tournament Rules for our national competitions?

The I.M.O. Tournament Rules are a "must" for the World and every continental championship (e.g. Asian and European Championships). And certainly it would be nice if they were also used in other championships, even with exceptions (e.g. playing fields are on grass).

Where can I find national and international tournaments?

A very good homepage for national and international tournaments can be found here: Mölkky World

What does the concept for the I.M.O. logo look like?

The fantastic looking original logo was designed by the French Mölkky player Olivier Sauvetre in 2016 and was somehow only available as a small JPG file.
In 2017, it was redrawn with the help of Inkscape in the neutral format SVG by Walter Aust, to be more vendor-independent.
The flags of the first 22 states will be integrated into the logo according to the following scheme. The General Assembly will have to decide whether the logo will then simply continue to exist or be replaced by a new one.

Who can participate in the international championships?

Everyone is allowed to participate in the International Championships (e.g World Championships). They are open to everyone from any country.

Who determines the locations of the next international championships?

Only countries members of IMO can organise a tournament called international (World Championship, Asian Championship or European Championship for example).

They must submit an application to IMO until June 15th for a championship in the following year. The General Assembly of IMO, which normally takes place at the World Championship in August, will then vote on the applications. Member countries that are unable to attend may also vote in advance by e-mail.


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