International Mölkky Organisation

International Mölkky Organisation is proud to serve at the intersection between countries, federations, administrators, players, and official tournaments — ensuring competitions are run properly, enforcing the appropriate rules, and promoting the spirit of the game.





Upcoming Events

26. - 27. November 2022

1. Mölkky Asian Outdoor Championship
Japan: Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture

3. - 5. March 2023

8. Mölkky European Indoor Championship

Austria, Gössendorf
The webpage link is also linked FB event.

30. June - 2. July 2023

7. Mölkky European Outdoor Championship

Poland: Warsaw

4. August 2023

I.M.O General Assembly

Finland: Hyvinkää

4. - 6. August 2023

18. Mölkky World Championship
Finland: Hyvinkää


9. Mölkky European Indoor Championship



8. Mölkky European Outdoor Championship

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23. - 25. August 2024

19. Mölkky World Championship
Japan: Hakodate City, Hokkaido

A Bit About Us

International Mölkky Organisation has been founded in August 2016 in Le Rheu, France. Our aim is to provide safe, fair, and enjoyable competitive experiences for federations, teams, and players.


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